Recognizing The Effects of Emotional Stress


Obit-PhotoEric Palmer Memorial Foundation is a Society incorporated under the laws of the Province of British Columbia, and is a Registered Charitable Organization in Canada under the Income Tax Act. The goals of the Foundation are to raise awareness of the effect emotional stress has on physical health, and to provide support to children suffering from anxiety and emotional stress.
We would like to raise awareness of the link between autoimmune disease and emotional stress. While the medical community acknowledges that emotional stress exacerbates the symptoms of such illnesses as ulcerative colitis, arthritis, and psoriasis, there seems to be little effort made to focus on addressing emotional stress to reduce the symptoms, or possibly even the occurrence, of autoimmune diseases.  Current research on this topic rarely reaches the public, and remains in medical journals.  One of the Foundation’s goals is to publish some of these findings in mainstream media.



DSC04749In order to most effectively provide support to children suffering from anxiety and emotional stress, it is important that parents and teachers work with children at an early age. There is limited funding within our School Districts for Presentations and Anxiety Workshops, and those that are offered generally focus on middle school age children.  The Foundation is working toward having Presentations available to parents and teachers of children in Kindergarten to Grade 5.

The Foundation has been established to receive Tax Deductible donations toward funding our Projects.

The goal is to Raise Awareness – donating is completely optional

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